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Cambridge Trade Day - 26/06/2017

Join us for our Cambridge Trade Day taking place on Thursday 6th of July from 8am until 3pm.

Following the success of our Peterborough Trade Day, we'll be hosting a selection of manufacturers showing a wide range of products including live demos, promotions, give aways and a free Hog Roast!

Manufacturers attending:

  • Vaillant
  • Danfoss
  • Ariston
  • Arctic
  • Wilo
  • Gastite
  • Stuart Turner
  • Adey
  • Honeywell
  • Stanley (& Dewalt)
  • Irwin

Peterborough Trade Day - 05/06/2017

Join us for our Peterborough Trade Day taking place on Thursday June 15th from 8am until 3pm.

We'll be hosting a selection of manufacturers showing a wide range of products including live demos, promotions and free give aways with a BBQ catered by local Willowbrook Farm.

Manufacturers attending include:

Manufacturer Demoing
Ideal heating Boilers
Ariston Water Heaters
Arctic Consumables
Wilo Pumps
Gastite Flexi Gas Pipe
Anton Analysers
Stuart Turner Shower Pumps
Adey Filters
Honeywell Controls
Stanley (& Dewalt) Tools
Irwin Tools

New survey reveals most desired tradesmen traits - 27/04/2017

The most recent survey from Plentific; the home improvement marketplace, has found the most sought after traits homeowners are looking for when it comes to hiring tradesmen. Unsurprisingly, punctuality was top of the list with the majority of votes at 84% while having a polite manner and communicating positively followed closely with 83% of the vote. Following polite and positive communication, 81% of voters were more likely to hire a tradesmen who talked them through the process of the project.

The latest survey, carried out by Opinium Research, gathered data from 2001 individuals around the country and in addition found 78% of people favoured tradesmen who sent through a professional quote, above the 69% who like tradesmen to create a schedule.

The top results are a further confirmation to the "ratedpeople.com" 2016 survey "What do homeowners find annoying about tradesmen" in which being late/not turning up as arranged scored 87% of the total votes (of 1017 people questioned).

On the opposite side of the voting, age and appearance were considered the least influential values when hiring tradesmen with only 7% of individuals likely to hire a tradesmen for being young and 19% favouring the older engineer. 22% of voters said they were more likely to hire someone wearing a branded uniform and just under half (47%) mentioned having a modern, clean, professional looking van could be the deciding factor to hiring a particular tradesmen. Overall results suggests Brits are looking for a punctual indiviudal(s) with strong communication and organisation skills but won't be put off by fresh-faced youngsters who may not have had an opportunity to brand themselves yet.

Regionally results didn't vary tremendously suggesting location has little to do with hiring preferences, however residents questioned in Sheffield and Edinburgh were most influenced by punctuality as a trait, with 91% of responders more likely to hire a time-concious worker. London homeowners also favoured punctuality over all other traits followed closely by responding promptly in conversation, however voting for polite manner fell to third place with 81% from the national average of 83%.

Mannerism/Quality Percentage of Votes
Being punctual 84%
Polite panner 83%
Responds promptly in conversation 83%
Talks me through the process of the project 81%
Sends a professional quote 78%
Creates a schedule 69%
Has a mordern, clean, professional looking van 47%
Wears a branded uniform 22%
Is older in age 19%
Is younger in age 7%

"Whilst all of these qualities can help a tradesman get hired, it is clear from our findings that appearances make less of an impact on a homeowner's decisions. Organisation is key: arriving on time, being prompt in communication and generally having a polite and positive manner will make potential clients more likely to hire a tradesman.

To improve the odds of hiring, tradesmen should focus more on their schedule, process and attitude before spending their well-earned money on appearances!"

Stephen Jury, head of Marketing of Plentific

Gas-Tag praised by Parliament - 27/04/2017

In light of recent research carried out by the Gas Safe Register, revealing up to 5 million homes in the UK are still at risk from CO fumes, dodgy appliances and un-serviced heating systems, Parliament have tabled an Early Day Motion, praising company Gas-Tag for their efforts to use technology to improve gas safety in homes. Gas-Tag have created a special tag which allows engineers to 'check-in' by touching their mobile phone to the gadget at the registered property, providing landlords with time-stamped, geo-tagged logs of attendence. The app has a direct verification link to the Gas Safe Register meaning only Gas-Safe registered engineers are eligable to use it and while working at the property, engineers are prompted to take pictures of appliances and work undertaken as documentation of work completed. Find out more at gas-tag.co.uk.

As the first real-time system to monitor gas safety in homes, the Early Day Motion, tabled by MP George Howarth, "commends Gas-Tag for it's work to improve the safety and wellbeing of tenants" and calls on private and public sector organisations involved in procuring safety systems to "use their best endeavours to ensure they are sourced from UK businesses such as Gas-Tag". Read the EDM in full here at parliament.uk/edm/2016-17/1056

Barry Sheerman, MP and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group has also praised Gas-Tag commenting "This is the most significant quantum leap in domestic gas safety compliance in 20 years. It is refreshing to see a start up begin with a clean slate and use the latest technologies to deliver a product that could help protect hundreds of thousands of families across the UK and ensure competant Gas Safe registered engineers complete the work in people's homes."

Co-founder and CEO of Gas-Tag, Paul Durose said "we set out in 2014 with a single minded goal to save people from the dangers of rogue gas fitters and revolutionise the industry. We are pleased that our work has been recogised by George Howarth and a number of cross-party MPs who appreciate our determination to improve gas safety in homes across the UK."

Would you opt-in to a Gas-Tag like system? We'd love to know your thoughts! Join the discussion on Twitter at twitter.com/heatgroupuk

New Baxi Training Centre - 28/03/2017

New Baxi Training Centre brings total to 16 in UK & Northern Ireland

Baxi will shortly be opening their second new training centre of 2017, based in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, which will be a standalone facility offering customers a full range of Baxi Training Courses. The first new centre was opened in Crawley, West Sussex, in partnership with Central Sussex College and was their first centre opened since Baxi became the first manufacturer to gain CIPHE ATC Accreditation in December 2016. Both facilities (and all future openings) have been designed purely with customers in mind using feedback to provide an extensive education facility including hands-on sessions, insider knowledge and advice from professionals on products and troubleshooting. Individuals seeking Baxi Traning can choose to attend free product training days across a selection of product ranges or participate in a number of courses including accredited courses such as "Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water" or "G3: Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems".

When Godmanchester opens (by the end of March) Baxi will have a total of 16 training centres across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland making it easier for customers to seek out and receive good quality training to improve their skills. Currently 3 Baxi facilities hold the CIPHE Approved Training Centre status; Warwick, Dartford and Warrington.

Long standing Baxi employee and National Training Manager of 11 years, Steve Green, commented "We know that engineers are busy and it can be difficult for them to keep up to date with the latest products and practices. We also know that they need training opportunities to be close to them, to avoid them having to take additional time away from work to travel. Our courses have been designed to help engineers acquire the skills and expertise they need to grow their businesses and keep their customers happy. With a total of 16 training centres spanning Glasgow to Exeter we can make training more accessible than ever before."

Further information on Baxi Training can be found at www.baxi.co.uk/trade-area/training.htm

National Insurance contributions to rise - 09/03/2017

In his first budget speech, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced this week that April 2018 will see a 1% increase (going from 9% to 10%) in Class 4 National Insurance Contributions paid by the Self Employed, increasing a further 1% to 11% in April 2019. Even though the Class 2 National Insurance Contributions abolishment will also come into effect from April 2018, the Self Employed will definitely feel the effect of the hike, with a proposed 2.5million people paying an extra £240 a year.

The Chancellor tried to justify the increase quoting "Differences in benefits between employees and self employed workers have been substantially reduced in recent years." However many disagree, countering there is still a much higher risk to the Self Employed, particularly regarding income protection and greater hurdles in personal development such as getting a mortgage.

Mike Cherry, Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses was pleased the Chancellor had listening to the small business-led campaign but seemed overall disappointed with the budget announcement, writing on the FSB.org.uk website;

"...the National Insurance rise to 10% next year and 11% in 2019 should be seen for what it is - a £1 billion tax hike on those who set themselves up in business. This undermines the Government's own mission for the UK to be the best place to start and grow a business, and it drives up the cost of doing business..."

Meanwhile minister's have reported that although all those earning between £8,060 and £43,000 annually will be effected at an average cost of 60p a week, workers earning £16,250 or less will be expected to pay less, while those earning above £43.000 annually remain taxed at 2%.

Nest products now in stock! - 17/01/2017

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a Smart Thermostat that automatically adjusts to the schedule of a family home and on connection to the Wi-Fi can be used to remotely control your Heating & Hot Water via mobile, laptop or tablet.

Compatible with the following systems;

  • Condensing & Combi Boilers
  • System & Heating Boilers
  • Hydronic Underfloor Systems
  • Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps (Heating Only)
  • Zoned Systems (One Nest Thermostat per zone)
  • Switched Live Systems
  • Low-Voltage (Dry Contact) Systems
Nest includes OpenTherm support, working together with your boiler to ensure the most efficient use of fuel to reach or maintain the preferred temperature, saving you money, energy, making the house warm when you need/expect it and even extending the lifespan of your system.

After installation, Nest requires a week or two of manual use and then it will start to automatically adjust to your requirements - warming the house up for breakfast, switching to away mode when it detects everyone has left the home (pets do not affect this sensor), warming the home for your return and turning the temperature down once you've gone to bed. In addition to learning your routine, Nest features Hot Water Control, set a manual schedule and hit boost when you need that bit extra and the Nest will even turn the Hot Water off if it detects you haven't been home for a few days.

Not only is Nest smart and convenient but it's a huge help in saving on your energy bills, as most thermostats are set and forgotten about, Nest adapts to your lifestyle and encourages saving by rewarding users with a 'Leaf' icon on the display every time you change temperate to save energy. You can track how many leaves you've gained in a month using the inbuilt Home Report or simply track your day to day usage via the Energy History feature. As your requirements adjust, the 'Leaf' icon will require greater changes to appear, further saving you money on your household energy bills.

Additional Features

  • Farsight - your Nest will always be happy to see you, lighting up that sleek display the moment you walk in the room to display Weather, Temperature or Time - and you can even select between a digital and analogue clock face as per your preference.
  • IFTT Connections - Connected to the 'Internet of Things' Nest can be linked to the Nest Protect Alarms and Nest External & Internal Surveillance Cameras, in addition to Hue lights, Whirlpool appliances and even Amazon's Alexa!
  • Peace of Mind Alerts - Coldsnap rolling in? Nest will send an alert to your mobile phone if there is a risk of pipes bursting, so you can be one step ahead.
  • Serious Sensors - Sensors in the front of the Nest detect if the sun is shining on the display and internally adjusts to prevent incorrect temperatures being sent to the boiler and potentially shutting off the heat and detect if any (human) is at home to ensure the heating stays on, or turns off if the home is empty.
  • Family Accounts - up to 10 usernames and passwords can log in to one system allowing for all round control and increasing the efficiency of the 'Auto Away' feature by detecting phone locations.

Trade deals brochure - 04/01/2017

Our Trade deals brochure for January to March 2017 is now available - great deals on boilers, radiators, sanitaryware and more!

Available here: Trade Deals Jan-Mar 2017

Baxi trade morning at Ipswich - 07/12/2016

Join us at our Ipswich Branch on Holywells Road on the morning of Wednesday 14th December for a look at the new 200/400 range of Baxi Combi Boilers.

The recently announced 200/400 range of Baxi Combi Boilers are a super lightweight, smart & compact boiler exclusively available for independent merchants. Available in 24kw and 28kw outputs, the 200/400 range has been constructed with installers in mind; reflected in the 26kg weight.

Small enough to fit in a cupboard, the Baxi 200/400 Combi Boilers are easily manoeuvrable, come supplied with simple hanging bracket and have been designed with easy to access electrical connections for peace of mind installation and are supported by Baxis huge selection of flue lengths, bends and accessories.

Both the Baxi 200 & 400 Combi Boilers are compatible with the latest smart controls so the system can be controlled from anywhere in the world via internet connected smartphone and/or tablet - optional extras apply. While the Baxi 400 range of Combi Boiler comes fitted with a rigid filling loop which offers easy use and discreet storage.

Both ranges of Baxi Boiler are available with parts and labour warranty; Promotional 5 Years for the Baxi 400 and 3 Years for the Baxi 200.

Ariston trade breakfast morning - 01/11/2016

Our Ipswich branch would like to invite you for a bacon roll and a chat about Ariston boilers on Wednesday the 2nd from 7:30AM. A representative from Ariston will be there to answer any queries you have on the Ariston range of products.

Johnson and Starley Breakfast mornings - 31/10/2016

Johnson and Starley will be hosting breakfast mornings at each of our branches during November, to show you the benefits of the Quantec range of gas boilers.

  • Wednesday 2nd - Peterborough
  • Thursday 3rd - Cambridge
  • Tuesday 8th - Norwich
  • Wednesday 9th - Ipswich
  • Thursday 10th - Colchester
  • Designed with reliability, performance, outstanding efficiency and long term value for money as key considerations the QuanTec range also include isothermic and full heat condense stainless steel heat exchangers with 'cool door' technology, low carbon and low NOx levels and pluming reduced to almost invisible levels. Combined with ease of installation and maintenance it makes the QuanTec boilers the homeowners' and installers' choice.

    Quoted from JohnsonAndStarley.co.uk

Aquabion Breakfast Mornings - 17/10/2016

Heat Group Supplies would like to invite you to a breakfast morning at our Colchester branch on the 24th of October and our Ipswich branch on the 25th of October from 7:30am hosted by Aquabion. Aquabion are manufacturers of an alternative water softener that doesn't need salt or electricity and is made with no moving parts.

The Aquabion water conditioner system is based on a proven patented technology, with an international track record of successful installations in a wide range of domestic and industrial situations. The system uses zinc sacrificial anodes that release zinc ions which react with calcium to form aragonite. Thus preventing limescale build up and forming a thin protective layer. There is no other product on the market which can use this technology and there have been many independent tests which confirm that Aquabion is safe and 95%-98% effective. Water treated by the Aquabion water conditioner is perfectly drinkable and still includes all the essential minerals that occur naturally.

Quoted from Aquabion: How does it work

Viessmann Colchester Trade Morning - 13/10/2016

Viessmann are hosting a Trade Morning at our Colchester branch on the 19th of October, a representative will be available to answer any queries you have on their product range.

Trade morning at Cambridge - 14/07/2016

Heat Group Supplies in Cambridge would like to invite you to a trade morning with Kane and Worcester on Wednesday 20th of July from 7:30 am until 12:00 noon.

When should I replace my boiler? - 10/02/2016

On a yearly basis, householders spend as much as 55% of their total bills on their boiler and heating which adds up to a lot of money when you take into consideration a generous portion of UK homes still contain an inefficient boiler over 15 years old, which is costing extra in wasted energy. Although there is a world of spares available for repairs, yearly call outs can quickly add up and it can be vastly more cost effective to upgrade your boiler to a modern combi boiler; designed to heat your hot water as you require or a system boiler and an up to date hot water cylinder with improved insulated liner. These changes can have a great effect on your energy bills and a new A rated efficiency boiler is guaranteed to use less energy than your old boiler to produce the same amount of warmth.

So when should you consider replacing your boiler? We recommend upgrading your boiler when;

  • Your current boiler is over 20 years old
  • You have had regular call outs to repair your current boiler
  • The cost of repair exceeds the cost of a new boiler
  • When replacing your boiler it is important to look at all options available, there is a wide range of boilers to suit just about all requirements from small Heat Only boilers handling just your central heating system to extensive Combination Boilers which can handle both your domestic hot water and central heating system individually or simultaneously and a range of Flue positioning possibilities depending on the space you have available.
  • It is also essential to look at the warranties and their terms included with a new boiler, many manufacturers have now included 'clean clauses' which entail draining central heating systems and flushing through with a power flushing machine prior to installation and finishing the install with an inhibitor chemical designed to protect the system. These clauses will be checked when claiming against a warranty so it is even more important to work with your installer and future service engineer to keep a written record of cleaning and flushing carried out and the chemicals added.
  • Choosing an installer to fit your new boiler can be a tricky decision, your energy supplier will have options for installation however their range of boilers may be reduced to their preferred brands and their package installation will include bundled extras such as annual servicing or internet controlled heating such as Hive or Nest which can increase the overall cost whereas a self employed engineer will be able to offer a broader range of boilers depending on your preferences and their experience usually at a lower cost than the former with optional extras.
  • After installation of your new boiler it is vital you keep up to date with annual servicing and follow the basic care instructions such as keeping ventilation clear to prevent central heating problems occuring in the future and reduce the amount of call outs you might require, it will also form the basis of any claim you need to make against manufacturer warranties should anything go drastically wrong. It may also benefit the household to upgrade basic heating replacement parts such as thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves to ensure the whole system runs to maximum efficiency.
  • Learning to understand your boiler doesn't need to take becoming a fully qualified engineer but it is helpful when recognising the warning signs of potential errors and faults and being able to make an informed decision whether a repair or replacement would better suit your requirements with the assistance of an engineer.
  • Of course, for all your heating parts, gas spares or oil requirements, The Heat Merchant are more than happy to offer assistance and are proud to keep over a hundred thousands lines in stock.

Central Heating System Care - 05/02/2016

Over time, boilers have evolved from huge floor standing expanses of machinery to efficient wall mounted boxes, designed not just to supply heating but also hot water to our taps and showers. While boilers increased in efficiency, the surrounding pipework and components shrank with our need to hide away less attractive features, although not necessarily a bad thing, it is in these smaller areas that build up of natural limescale or magnetite deposits can cause drastic issues and lead to costly repairs.

According to a survey commissioned by GoCompare Energy in October 2015, 43% of homeowners required boiler repairs and maintenance over the last three years and boiler repairs cost UK Homeowners on average £344 last year (2015) while 9% of households paid over a staggering £1000 in repair bills.

Today boilers are one of the most expensive appliances in the home ranging in price for a new boiler from £500 to £2,500, yet they often end up tucked away in cupboards out of sight and out of mind faithfully heating the home until something goes wrong. But what happens when the boiler goes wrong? Can costly breakdowns be avoided?

General Central Heating System Care the homeowner can do to prevent boiler breakdowns can include;

  • Learning to properly use Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Programmers and Room Thermostats in different seasons and to your preferences (not everyone needs a 21 degree household!)
  • Keep vents and surrounding area of the boiler free of clutter such as coats and shoes
  • Fit pipe lagging to ensure pipes don't freeze (and burst) in colder months, particuarly important on the condensate waste pipe
  • Reguarly check radiators for cold spots and bleed out trapped air using a Radiator Vent Key
  • Reguarly check your boiler's pilot light
    (modern boilers will have a pilot light lit only when called into operation, all boilers show a safe blue flame - orange or yellow is cause for attention)
  • Reguarly check boiler pressure, your boiler works most efficiently at a certain pressure and increased or lost pressure can be a sign of a fault
An Annual Service will always be the best hands on care you can offer your boiler, as a qualified professional can recognise early warning signs of potential faults and can help inform householders and prevent expensive breakdowns, Which? Annual Boiler Survey quoted the average cost of an annual boiler service at £70, almost 5 times less expensive than the average repair cost.

That's what the householder can do and what the trained professional can maintain, but is there a more permanent solution to preventing boiler breakdown? There are some additional components designed to attach in to your central heating system circuit that can help.

The first step is removing harmful particulates that can build up and cause bigger issues like leaks, loss of efficiency, lost pressure and kettling. Particulates in your central heating system include;

  • Limescale; naturally formed from dissolved mineral deposits in water
  • Magenetite; waste metal rust from steel equipment that has detached over time under the flow of water and has the potential to form a nasty black sludge.
Both can be removed with a good Dirt Seperator, these take the form of Limescale Inhibitors which create a magnetic field to pull apart particles into easily disposed needle like structures and Magnetic Filters, a combination of a strong core magnet and filtration system that have been proven to increase the efficiency of your boiler and reduce overall energy bills. Both parts can be purchased for less than £100 and fitted quickly and easily by a trained professional, going to work straight away to remove present particles and prevent future build ups with little maintenance required.

Another harmful material found in your Central Heating System includes Air; mixtures of gases, predominantly oxygen, that are formed during regular operation and lead to loss of pressure, oxygenisation and corrosion of internal metals, radiator cold spots and radiator noise. The best solution for removing unwanted gases is to have a Deaerator installed onto the existing system as close as possible to the boiler, to continuously remove gases, circulating air and micro bubbles shortly after production. Once gases have been removed, circulating can improve and heat can spread evenly across your radiators, warming your home quickly and efficiently and preventing pinhole leaks forming in thin metal.

The last step taken to protect your Central Heating System is to add chemicals; specially formulated solutions that have been designed with different needs in mind when it comes to protecting your heating system. There are a comprehensive range of chemicals available from Corrosion Inhibitors to System Descalers and Internal Leak Sealers which if used correctly and routinely can protect internal components with an chemical based layer which slows corrosion and oxygenisation drastically.

As the length of efficient boiler operation and their included warrenties increase, the terms for these warranties have started to include one or more of the above care instructions, as such it is important to familarise yourself with the requirements of warranties, especially when installing a new boiler. Often manufacturers require a Powerflush to be carried out on exisiting systems prior to the installation of a new boiler, although if an exisiting boiler continues to exhibit faults and failures, a Powerflush could also be a solution. Powerflushing entails a trained professional coming out to your property, connecting a high pressure pump and flushing through the system with a specially formulated chemical, this encourages movement of troublesome build up and is a fantastic option for systems that have experienced years of build up that the smaller additional components aren't able to navigate.

Our potential system now has dirt removed, air removed and is slowly building up a protective internal layer through routine dosing, in addition to the yearly service, we've given our boiler the best chance at long life, efficient operation with less breakdowns and less repairs required. In the long run, we've saved on the money spent out yearly on energy bills and reduced the amount of preparation required for 'emergency repairs'.

Pizza lunch with Vokera - 26/10/2015

Vokera; industry leaders in quality home heating systems, will be hosting a Pizza lunch event from their Trade Vehicle outside of our Ipswich Branch between 12:00pm and 3:00pm on Tuesday 1st December. A representative will be available to answer any queries you have on their product range from condensing combi boilers and system boilers to water heaters and unvented cylinders.

The vehicle features an up to date range of high quality Vokera domestic, commercial and renewable products on display, including a working Unica I; a demonstration of the boiler can be given on-site.

Vokera are members of the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, the Gas Safe Register and affiliate members of the HVCA and their products have been designed to make installation and commissioning as streamlined as possible while ensuring top standards are constantly upheld.

Spirotech Tech Mornings - 08/10/2015

A representative from Spirotech; manufacturers of the SpiroTrap MB3, SpiroVent and specialists in fluid conditioning will be holding Tech mornings across all of our branches on the following dates;

  • Tuesday 20th October @ Cambridge
  • Thursday 22nd October @ Ipswich
  • Tuesday 27th October @ Peterborough
  • Thursday 5th November @ Norwich
  • Wednesday 11th November @ Colchester

The SpiroTrap MB3 prevents the build up of magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from the system to ensure that the boiler is running at it's maximum efficiency as well as increase the life of radiators. With a quick and easy install, the MB3 can be fitted verticaly, horizontaly or diagonaly. There's no need to manually clean any of the components, however the MB3 is easily emptied by the release valve.

We hope to see you there.

First ever Heat Group Supplies Trade Offers brochure! - 16/09/2015

We have put together a variety of products and special offers to help you, our valued customer, save time and money when ordering your heating materials. Many of these offers are EXCLUSIVE to Heat Group Supplies and won't be found anywhere else.

Heat Group Supplies began life in the early 2000's as a small boiler spares stockist with two staff and a small industrial unit. Fast forward more than ten years and we have grown into one of the UK's only Independent Specialist Heating Merchants with five branches through-out the East Anglia region.

Available here: HGS Trade Deals Sep 15 - Feb 16

Danfoss trade morning @ Colchester - 14/09/2015

Danfoss are a UK market leader in home conveniences, offering a selection of high quality heating products including; Thermostatic Radiator Valves, Time Controls, Underfloor Heating, Commercial Control Valves, Pressure/Flow Controllers, Electronic Room Thermostats, Balancing Valves, Temperature Controllers, Weather Compensators and Solar Heating Regulators.

Eclipse Magnetics trade morning @ Colchester - 14/09/2015

Heat Group Supplies in Colchester would like to invite you to a trade morning with Eclipse Magnetics on Tuesday 29th of September, from 7:30am until 12:00 noon.

Manufacturers of the BoilerMag, Eclipse Magnetics are a world wide presence in High Performance Magnetic Systems. Their vast product range is recognised for it's innovation and includes magnet assemblies, lifting and handling systems, workshop tools, plumbing products, work holding systems, foreign body removal and industrial filters.

Carbon Monoxide; Britain's Silent Killer - 07/09/2015

What is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Carbon Monoxide is a gas that cannot be seen, heard, smelt or tasted and is caused when appliances don't function properly or flues and chimneys become blocked limiting the amount of oxygen in the air available to burn.

What does Carbon Monoxide do to the body?

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is responsible for at least 200 hospital admittances with as many as 40 deaths a year in Britain. Once inhaled CO combines with an important metalloprotein; haemoglobin, combining to create carboxyhaemoglobin, this mutated protein denies oxygen atoms the space originally available and drastically reduces the transport of oxygen around the body.

Symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to a hangover or flu without the fever and can include;

  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Stomach Pain
  • Collapse
  • Loss of Conciousness

These symptoms are particularly important when;

  • They only occur in a specific place (home/office)
  • Your symptoms disappear when you leave this specific place but reoccur when you come back
  • Others in the place (humans/animals) are showing the same symptoms at the same time

What should you do if you experience the above symptoms or suspect CO poisoning?

If yourself or a loved one starts complaining of these symptoms in an enclosed environment it is important to seek fresh air immediately, open all windows and doors, turn off any suspicious appliances and leave the property.

It is important you do not wait in the property for symptoms to lesson as CO poisoning can and does affect oxygen to the brain and only a few minutes high concentration exposure can leave permanent damage.

If you experience suspected Carbon Monoxide poisoning everyone affected must stay calm, increasing your heart rate and in turn the frequency of your breaths can cause increased inhalation and lead to a higher concentration of CO in your blood stream.

Following the above it is important to;

  • See a doctor/go to hospital, tell them you suspect CO poisoning, they can perform a blood and breath test to be sure
  • Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect appliances and flues for any problems or blockages

Should you suspect anything further that could be dangerous, contact the National Gas Emergency line on 0800 111 999.

How can CO poisoning be prevented?

Carbon Monoxide occurrence and in turn poisoning can be avoided by;

  • Having your appliances checked annually by a certified Gas Safe engineer
  • Checking the gas flame regularly, it should be 'crisp and blue' rather than 'lazy and yellow/orange'
  • Checking for soot or dark stains around boilers, stove and fires
  • Making sure flues and chimneys are cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and smoke build up
  • Installing a noise emitting Carbon Monoxide alarm

You are most at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning during the night when everyone is asleep and doors and windows are generally closed so “colour changing” CO alarms will not be efficient enough to save lives. Make sure to get a CO alarm that exhibits a very high pitched noise when CO has been detected in the air.

When purchasing your own CO alarm, make sure it is marked to EN 50291 and has the British Standards' Kitemark displayed. Carbon Monoxide alarms are available in any Heat Group Supplies branch.

Introducing the CombiSave! - 04/09/2015

Even brand new A-rated boilers waste water, gas, time and money every time you turn on the hot tap. The CombiSave is an award-winning British innovation that can help you reduce the amount of water and gas used in the initial heating process, saving you time and money, and helping the environment. If you have a combi-boiler and are on a water meter, then this device will save you money. CombiSave is a thermostatically operated valve that can be fitted to the majority of new and existing wall hung combi-boilers. By controlling the flow of water during the initial firing process, CombiSave accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel required.

Over the year, a two person household could save:

  • Around 28,000 litres of water
  • 611 kwh of gas per year
  • Around £250 off your water and gas bills and carbon savings of upto 130kg
  • Up to 21 hours over the course of the year saved by not waiting for hot water
  • Around 260kg-500kg of Carbon dioxide per year, helping the environment *Figures based on independent tests by EA Technologies

Independent tests show that as soon as you switch on your boiler, the first ten litres used in the process of heating water are wasted. As such, more gas than is needed is burnt, excess carbon is produced and time is wasted.

Why waste fuel, money and time waiting for your hot water?

  • CombiSave reduces the amount of water needed by the boiler in the heating process, saving an amazing 28,000 litres of water (four person household).*
  • CombiSave helps make combi-boilers more energy efficient. As the time taken to heat up your water is reduced, you will use much less gas. And with a CombiSave fitted, you can turn 'Pre-Heat' off and save even more on your Gas bill, sometimes up to £75.00 per year!*
  • Reductions in use of water and gas can save you hundreds of pounds, and as CombiSave is a 'fit and forget' device, you won't have to worry about lots of expensive repair bills.
  • The CombiSave will provide your hot water much quicker than the boiler, thus saving you precious time every day – and how can we put a price on that?
  • Reducing the amount of resources your home uses makes it more efficient and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Making small changes can make a big difference to the planet.

Speedfit trade morning - 07/05/2015

JG Speedfit are hosting a trade morning at Heat Group Supplies in Colchester on Thursday 7th May 2015 from 8am.

Please join us to see the range of plumbing & heating products, underfloor heating range (including the new Aura controls) and have a chance to win a Kawasaki ZX-10R or a trip to the BSB event in Assen, Holland for two with JG Layflat npipe.

New name, same great service! - 23/03/2015

I would like to take this opportunity to announce an exciting new re-branding of our company. As you may be aware, we have five branches through-out East Anglia, specialising in the sale and distribution of a vast range of both domestic and commercial heating materials and are an industry leader in the technical, boiler spares side of the trade.

As of 1st April 2015, the five branches, currently trading as; Cambridge Heating Components, Colchester Heating Components, Ipswich Heating Components, Norwich Heating Components and Peterborough Heating Components will gradually all be re-branded as Heat Group Supplies.

We will gradually begin to bring the new logo (pictured) and branding into our sales documents and advertising over the coming months, with the website, vehicles and building signwriting to follow shortly afterwards.

From a trading point of view, very little will be changing; the same team, same contact details and same great service.

This name change helps to emphasise the vast range of products held at all our branches - a huge range of boiler spares, heating controls, replacement boilers, radiators, pipe and fittings…etc is available for collection or delivery from your local branch (and don't forget, your account/terms can be used at any of our branches).

Trade morning at Ipswich branch - 18/01/2015

Heat Group Supplies in Ipswich would like to invite you to a trade morning with Adey, Total Water Solutions and Viessmann on Monday 29th of February from 7:30am until 12:00 noon.

The all new Timeswitch and Programmers from Heat Group are here! - 20/11/2013

They look great, are easy to program and simply work! What more do you want from your heating controls?

The new single channel timeswitch and twin channel programmer are now available exclusively from all Heat Group branches. Here are just some of the features on these stunning clocks;

  • Easy to Program (comes with pre-set program)
  • 24 hour, 5/2 day or 7 day selectable
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Analogue 12 hour and digital 24 hour display
  • 3 ON/OFF periods
  • Memory Save - inbuilt battery retains real-time for over 2 hours
  • Automatic Summer / Winter change
  • Compliant with Building Regulations (Part L UK) (Part J Scotland)
  • Holiday mode
  • Boost button - boost Central Heating and/or Hot Water for 1,2 or 3 hours at the press of a button

HGTS1 - 1 channel Time switch just : £36.00
HGPG2 - 2 channel Programmer just : £44.00 PLUS VAT

New Heat Group Magnetic filter launched! - 20/11/2013

Why not try the new HGMAG22 available exclusively from Heat Group branches?

Powerful, 4-element magnetic central heating filter designed and manufactured in the UK to increase the life of central heating systems and deliver maximum efficiency.

  • Complete with internal sludge filter for non-magnetic particles.
  • High Power 4-Element Neodymium Magnet
  • Stainless Steel Filter for Non-Magnetic Particles
  • 500ml Internal Capacity
  • 360° Rotating 22 mm Valves for Easy Installation
  • 1/2" Isolation Drain Valve
  • Chemical Treatment Dosing Point
  • Easy to Install & Simple to Maintain
  • Made in Great Britain
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee
  • Unique Bottom Mounted Bleed
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain.
  • Suitable for all central heating systems.

Great value at just £55.00 plus vat!

New! Heat Group Controls Range - Now in! - 01/09/2013

Available exclusively from Heat Group branches, our new range of specialist heating controls are manufactured to exacting standards in Germany using state of the art processes.

The new range includes;

  • 22mm 2port and 3pt Motorised Valves and Actuators, which have the same port dimensions and wiring configuration as the Honeywell equivalents so make ideal, cost saving replacements. These come with a two year warranty! - actuators from just £21.95
  • Universal Syncron Motors - High Quality, sturdy casing. Fit most popular valves from ACL, Drayton, Honeywell, Salus, Siemens, Tower etc - just £9.00
  • Radio Frequency Programmable Room Thermostat - 5/2 day or 7 day control. Backlit LCD display. Battery powered room unit (can be wall mounted or freestanding with supplied stand) - only £35.00
  • Hard Wired Room / Frost Thermostat - Volt Free, 2 / 3 wire (can be used with a Combi boiler!) - just £9.00
  • 22mm Automatic Bypass Valve (ABV) - Regulates system differential pressure thus reduces system noise - only £9.00

Heat Group - Your flexible friend! - 01/08/2013

Now in stock at all branches, the new flexible gas pipe - Gastite!

The GASTITE corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) system can be used for installations of natural gas and LPG. The system is approved under the BS Kitemark number KM587681.

Simple hand tools such as tubing cutters, wrenches and utility knives are all that are needed to work with the Gastite components. Gastite is a reliable, cost-effective system that can be installed in all modes of construction: residential, commercial and industrial; new construction and retrofits.

Featuring its patent-pending multi-point seal, the XR2 fitting’s sealing surface does not sit on the cut end of the tubing, so even the most unsightly cut will yield a tight seal. The XR2 fitting is also reduced in size and requires minimal torque, making the installation of larger sizes considerably easier. With no o-rings or gaskets, the reusable brass components provide a reliable metal-to-metal installation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexibility means quick and easy installations. Gastite installs 30-70% faster than traditional piping methods.Pre-marked by the foot, there's no measuring, rigid pipe cutting or threading. This means less waste and fewer fittings.
  • 75% fewer fittings in the average installation means a safer system, less leak potential and reduced callbacks.
  • Gastite CSST is lightweight – 250 feet of 1/2" CSST weighs approximately 38 pounds and can be easily transported and handled on the job.
  • Custom lengths of tubing and job-specific accessories for those large and multi-family projects can be easily obtained by a simple telephone call.
  • The Gastite corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) system can be used for domestic and industrial and commercial (I&C) applications.

Ask your local branch for more details and prices!